The students are first and foremost taught the Norwegian language, but the cultural subjects of history and social science are also represented in the teaching.  The teaching is divided into four different sessions every day, and every session lasts for about 45 minutes. They also have a culture class where they they learn about cultural topics or do practical exercises like baking or making Christmas ornaments.

The teaching at Norgesskolen is based on the curriculum for mother tongue teaching for language minorities. It is an age independent and level based learning plan. Level 2 is higher than level 1. The students at Norgesskolen are between 9 and 18 years old, and have very varied knowledge of Norwegian. This is why we also divide the students into classes depending on age and Norwegian language proficiency. We divide the students in the following ages: 9-11, 12-15 and 16-18. We adjust the teaching to an individual level, and provide the challenges the students need to improve their Norwegian. Our primary goal is to be a school where the students learn Norwegian both in and out of class. Our teachers are focused on creating a safe environment for the students in the classroom, with great variation in the teaching.

Educational themes
We have some themes we work on each summer and some that vary from year to year.

  • How the Norwegian society works: system of government, school system, way of living.
  • Norwegian culture (Literature, music, film, food)
  • Norwegian geography
  • Norwegian history
  • The Norwegian school system
  • Traditions: Outdoor activities, Christmas and the 17th of May

Theme 2017
We choose one topic that we study in depth. This year´s theme is: What is typical Norwegian? The theme creates a frame for the teaching, and is implemented in different ways. With this theme, the student can indulge in a variety of topics like music, politics, culture, history, sports. They may also discuss difference in Norway today compared to 20-30 years ago, or what is typical Norwegian for the students living abroad?

Preparations to Bergenstesten
We offer preparation classes for the Bergenstest. Bergenstesten is a test in oral and written Norwegian language proficiency. Bergenstesten is required to attend Norwegian higher education. We offer the class for the oldest students (16-18 years) with good overall competencies in Norwegian. Preparations for Bergenstesten will be in afternoon classes, so that the students should be able to follow the normal classes as well.

The students preparing fo the Bergenstest will use exercises that are similar to those of Bergenstesten covering both the oral and written parts of the test. The teaching and the assignments will follow the themes stated in Norgesskolen’s competency goals. In the beginning of week three, those who wish will be given the opportunity to take a practice test. This will be a previously given exam from Bergenstesten, so that you know what to expect from the real test. Please note that this will just be the written part of the test. We schedule it for one day, and those who take the test will receive feedback in writing.

Competency goals
Our competency goals come from the Norwegian curriculum for mother tongue teaching for language minorities. It has four language areas: 1. Listening and speaking, 2. Reading and writing, 3. Language learning and 4. Language and culture. Please read part of the curriculum here.